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Zuckerberg Backs Sheryl Sandberg In Her Current Role As COO

Facebook CEO who is currently under fire from media, users, government bodies and also shareholders after a series of scandals and errors rocked its reputation announced that despite all the odds facing the organization he would support his second in command Sheryl Sandberg and would be keen to work with her for several decades more. During an interview with CNN he confirmed that Sheryl as COO has been an integral part of the firm for more than a decade and is fire-fighting all the larger issues facing them and he was proud of her contribution and loyalty.

Though Zuckerberg has more control over Facebook as CEO cum chairman and controlling shareholder, Sandberg, who joined the firm from Google in 2008 has not given any public statements about leaving Facebook. In the past couple of years Facebook has gone from one crisis to another that involved Russian involvement to mishandling personal information of users and sharing it commercial entity like Cambridge Analytica and the worst accusation of using a public relations firm to start a fake-news shop. Sources say that both Sandberg and Zuckerberg believe that Facebook’s negative image is due to the inconsistent press strategy and sensational reports in the media about its errors and not systemic error in its functionality.

Zuckerberg confirmed during the interview that he has no plans of relinquishing his post as board chairman of Facebook for a few more years. When asked about why it delayed naming Russia as the source of divisive messages and adverts that started appearing during the presidential election, he replied that they wanted to make sure on all fronts before accusing a nation state so they took the necessary steps before declaring the issue. Both leaders are considering revamping their communication protocols, and strategies instead of making drastic personnel changes or unprepared press statements during the crisis.

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