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Study Reveals Gender Gap in Salaries Worse than Anticipated

Study carried out by Institute for Women’s Policy Research based in Washington has revealed that income of women is 51% less than men including time without income. The study examined women’s incomes over 15 years between periods of 2001 to 2015 and also took into account the period taken by them for child care or for managing family issues. President of the institute Heidi Hartmann who also co-authored the report stated that this report breaks the myth that women earn 80 cents for every dollar earned by men and reveals that it was actually an exaggeration.

The study named “Still a man’s labor market” showed that wage gap narrowed since 1968 due to increase in inflation-adjusted income of women and between 1968–1982 it increased by $14,000 while during 2001 to 2015 it increased by $29,000. The report stated that women are more likely to take a year or two off to handle family issues and then have to pay a high price for it as their salary goes down by nearly 39% lesser than men colleagues with similar responsibilities. This is because most companies pay their staff lesser salaries if they come back after a long gap which hurts women the most as they are most likely to take breaks.

The IWPR research also found that while both men and women face penalties for taking time off from work the burden is heavier women as their salary goes down by almost 12%. She stated that the results surprised her as despite considerable progress in women’s rights within past 50 years around 43% of them had at-least one year with no income that was twice the rate of men.  If women are given benefits of paid family and medical leave along with affordable childcare then they can stay for longer periods in the workforce and earn better pay said the study.

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