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Space Force May Emerge As A Broader Military Department Covering Air, Space

The Space Force is about to emerge as a broader aspect, covering a larger Department of Air and Space Force. Under the latest proposed organization, the Space Force will not amalgamate the National Reconnaissance Office or other elements of the intelligence community.

In a meeting at the White House, the administration officials and Pentagon have discussed the probabilities of developing a Space Force under a broader Department of Air and Space Force.

A spokesperson of DoD has confirmed that a team from Pentagon is supervising the drafting of a legislative proposal. After the approval, it will be submitted to the White House. Also, the proposal will be transferred to the Capitol Hill, along with the budget request of the President for the upcoming fiscal year. The President is also determined to keep the Space Force as an independent department of the military.

The Space Policy Directive 4, a draft policy directive is also working on it for weeks. As per the version of the policy, the Pentagon will propose a Space Force in the form of a separate branch of the military along with its civilian leadership. A spokesperson from the White House has added that the draft memo may change as the Space Council will work with the agencies and departments responsible for carrying out the objectives of Donald Trump to focus on designing the US Space Force as the 6th armed service. He has further added that the direction will remain the same and no exceptions will be accepted.

The White House is facing a challenge of attaining sufficient support from the Congress so it doesn’t evaporate during its arrival. The Democrats are not supporting the establishment of a new service while James Inhofe, has stated he is unsure of the need to implement a new service. The Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has also expressed that the cost associated with the same may become a reason for concern.

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