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Scientists Suggest Atmospheric Cooling Is A Viable Solution

The temperature of Earth is rising at an exponential rate and humanity is not putting any effort to halt the procedure. Therefore, the scientists have decided to intervene in the ongoing process to put a stop to the worsening condition of the atmosphere. They are hopeful that the step will dramatically cool the planet.

According to a new research, the latest procedure is not only achievable but is also cheaper. In fact, a single country will also be able to pull off the endeavor. As a result of the procedure, the greenhouse gases will still be present in the atmosphere, contributing to the warming of the planet. However, the rate of warming will slow down.

The study was conducted by the researchers from the Yale and Harvard universities. They have stated that the study is based on the solar dimming, stratospheric aerosol injection, or solar engineering. This research suggests spraying of chemicals in the atmosphere that will have the potential to reflect the heat released by the Sun back into space. This strategy sings to the tune of the global cooling effect after the enormous volcanic eruptions.

According to the scientists, the humanity can put an effort to stop the elevating temperature of the planet as this will reduce the annual contribution of the greenhouse gases by the species at a price, which is half of the total amount spent on the infrastructural development like constructing subways, highways, and other projects.

The researchers have also stated that the project demands around $3.5 billion in 15 years for its development. Out of the total amount, a major portion will be contributed to building the planes that will take huge tanks filled with aerosol. These planes will travel to the stratosphere to spray the chemical. This altitude is double the height of a Boeing 747.

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