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Climate Change To Severely Affect The Americans

There has been a drastic change in the climate of the planet over the past few years and it is bound to have some impact in some way or the other. A new report by the US government talks specifically about it stating that the recent climate change is going to have a disastrous effect, which will result in a tremendous loss of capital, of around billions of dollars and will cause a number of deaths as well, throwing the country into jeopardy.

Though it may sound very dire and gruesome, the surveying and researching committees say that it is the direction that the planet is moving on. According to the US Global Change Research Program, the world is a much hotter place than before and the temperatures are rising at an alarming rate, which will be the cause of the downfall. The reason for this problematic situation has also been attributed to human activities itself, like the increased production of greenhouse gases, and no other satisfactory reason can explain this phenomenon.

This report comes during a time when President Obama brushed aside the issue of climate change by calling it a planned hoax and the statement being released prematurely, during the holiday season, may seem like a political move. However, it was clarified that there were no external manipulations of the report and a Fourth Climate Assessment was set up and around 1000 people have done the survey and come up with the report.

Due to climate change and an increase in temperature, there will be a loss in hours of effective work. The crops won’t grow as much as they used to due to the moisture, affecting the farming industry. The contribution of dairy animals will also reduce and the industry is also expected to take a hit. Sea animals like shellfish will also dwindle in number and is expected to be at an all-time low. Thus, the economy will be at a major danger. More vector-borne diseases will become common and cause more deaths among humans, with new uncommon pathologies coming up every day.

One aspect that the report didn’t cover is the remedy to the uprising problem. However, it has stirred a hornet’s nest and the responsible communities are ready to look into the matter with more interests.

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