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CBD Becomes Holy Grail for Various Conditions, Without Proof

CBD or cannabidiol which is derived from hemp plant is now being touted as a treatment methodology for several mild to severe health conditions ranging from anxiety, pain and inflammation to cancer too. Experts say that limited verifiable data is available about effectiveness of CBD on humans so one is not sure if it actually works and provides relief for several ailments or is another version of snake oil. Available in various forms CBD can be derived from both marijuana and hemp but as the former is also high in psychoactive chemical THC, people prefer the latter as it is richer in CBD and provides medicinal benefits without causing side effects.

CBD today has caught up people fancy in such a manner that it is being offered in varied products like lattes, massage lotions and even baked items and experts says that its sales could hit $20 billion within a few years. As of now CBD has been approved by FDA for treatment of two rare epilepsy conditions but that does not stop several medical personnel from enthusiastically prescribing its use to their patients. This is because they have found that it can be used to relieve issues of anxiety, pain, autoimmune disorders and several other issues.

But experts insist that there is no clear evidence that CBD works for medical conditions that it is being used for by several patients. According to Dr. Margaret Haney, a neurobiology professor at Columbia Univ, CBD purely has a placebo effect and if people believe that it will cure them of their ills then it will. Doctors warn that people who consume CBD have to understand that the claims made on internet by random people have not been substantiated by medical data so they have to be careful about their CBD source and consult their general physician so that it does not hamper the effectiveness of other drugs that are being taken.

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