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1000+ Flights Cancelled, Thwarts Post Thanksgiving Travel

The flight schedules of several airlines went totally awry at the Midway International Airport and the O’Hare International Airport at Chicago when it was struck by a blinding snowstorm bringing all things to a standstill.

People were instructed not to venture outside their homes at night time on Sunday and early hours of Monday other than for emergency travel by the National Weather Service due to predictions of gusty winds and bad visibility.

Travelers booked on flights during post-Thanksgiving period had to rebook them because of flight cancellations. American Airlines operating from O’Hare International airport and the Spirit Airlines offered a waiver of fees for change of dates through 29th November for travelers moving through 20 Midwest cities and the two cities of Kansas and Chicago respectively because of the storm. Southwest Airlines offered waiver of fare difference due to change of tickets by travelers from and to several Midwest American cities.

As per, the storm led to cancellation of about 914 flights from Midway International and O’Hare International airports while 100 plus from Kansas City besides causing delay in about 500 odd flights on Sunday. American Airlines announced cancellation of 85 flights slated for Monday while Kansas City and Chicago’s airports reported a cancellation of about 200 flights.

Travelers in today’s times are urged to rebook flights in instances of storm by airlines to avert being stuck at airports. Occurrences of the storm also result in a huge number of flight cancellations by airlines so that the aircraft and crew is not held up till the clearance of bad weather.

The snowstorm which hit the cities of Midwest America has affected post-Thanksgiving travel, one of the busiest travel periods in a big way. The beginning of the work week is expected to still experience some disruption in flight schedules upsetting the travel plans of a few more travelers.

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